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About Our Group and Its Companies

Plantations have been an Integral Part of our Business, since 1974, our plantations  especially coffee; pepper; are caunut; cardamom; lime & amp; others are grown extensively in our plantations which we have built over the last three generations.

Our Chickmagalur Estate in which MS Chockalingam Chettiyar bought over from an English Family in the year 1974 as a partly planted Coffee Estate with a major portion of it is non-planted. He developed the large portion of the area under major research and promoted the famous coffee name viz., CAUVERY which was initially imported from Brazil under a name viz., CATIMORE at one point the coffee board even identified a seed plot which supplied seeds across the country from the LAL BAGH ESTATE , he was so involved in Plantations and wanted to always bringing in the technology and imported the first PINHALENSE PULPERS way back in 1994 for selling to world famous coffee brands like ILLY which was again one of the higher paying brands for quality coffee which he was so proud off. Today he’s grandson Thyagu Valliappa has taken the plantation legacy into technology, research and analytics creating a environment by reducing synthetic materials unnecessary inputs of pesticides   weedicides by creating special purpose machines which have made the plantation not only World class but also environmentally excellent .

The kherkhan estate is snuggled in the frondescence of Baba Budann hills of Western Ghats of southern India. Sona Plantations pvt ltd is multiple crop producer of premium quality of coffee, species, Moringa along with aromatic crops. The estate cover around 650 acers surrounded by Muthoudy game sanctuary, Bhadra valley and lots of environmental animals like Sambars, Deer, Cheetha, Bison etc. It’s with highest altitude of 4800 with a rainfall of 90 inches. The rain water is harvested and stored in 20 acer’s pound, we believe in respecting in nature and environment.

Below mentioned are the companies that along with us are part of the group:

  • Sona college of technology :
  • Thiagarajan polytechnic college :
  • Sona valliappa textiles
  • Sona star innovations
  • SVT Plantations        
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